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Land Rover Launches Mobile App to Introduce New Range Rover

Land Rover recently launched a new mobile app entitled “The Trail Less Traveled” to showcase the 2014 Range Rover. Through the application, the auto manufacturer is essentially allowing the consumer to virtually “test-drive” the new Range Rover vehicle on their mobile phones and tablets from the comfort of their own homes.

The mobile app consists of an eight-stage interactive journey during which the consumer can explore the new Range Rover both inside and outside. The consumer is able to view the customizable interior and exterior options.  After customizing their vehicle, the consumer selects a route from an interactive map and is able to experience the vehicles on and off-road capabilities. In addition, as the consumer is “driving,” four different camera angles capture the consumer’s journey including the driver’s point of view and an exterior vantage point.

land rover app

 This is not the first time that Land Rover has incorporated mobile in their marketing strategy. In 2011, Land Rover’s mobile advertising campaign on the News Corp IPad app achieved over 52,000 impressions. More recently, Land Rover used mobile advertising to launch the Range Rover Evoque and saw higher consumer engagement rates than with any other platform.

Land Rover, amongst many other auto-manufacturers, realizes the true power in mobile marketing. Mobile marketing techniques allow automotive manufacturers and dealers to reach and engage with consumers on a more intimate level. For more information on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, visit Advanced Mobile.

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