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Toyota Uses QR Codes and Mobile App in Road Safety Campaign

In Peru, Toyota launched a massive road safety campaign that focuses primarily on mobile marketing. The campaign uses QR codes and an augmented reality mobile app to help drivers become aware of the dangers that are posed by using a smartphone while driving.

The first aspect of the campaign includes print advertisements. The print ads consist of images of obstacles in the middle of a road with a QR code placed in the middle of the obstacle. After the consumers scan the QR code, they download the augmented reality app.After downloading the “QR Road App,” the mobile users watch as the obstacle disappears from the road and the following message is displayed, “When you use your smartphone, you can’t really see what’s on the road.”

toyota peru

It was a smart move for Toyota to use mobile marketing in the Road Safety Campaign because the message of the campaign specifically speaks to smartphone users. This campaign has achieved tremendous success in Peru, with over 120,000 downloads of the “QR Road App,” making it amongst the top 20 most successful apps in the history of Peru.

Although mobile marketing is ideal for the automotive industry, it is important to note that people should never use their mobile device while driving. For more information on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, visit Advanced Mobile.


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