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GM Provides Free Remote Services via RemoteLink Mobile App

In 2010, General Motors launched the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app, a service that allows car owners to connect with and control their vehicles from the convenience of a smartphone. Through the application, car owners can monitor fuel and oil levels, check tire pressure, and activate remote vehicle features. In order to launch this app, GM vehicle owners were required to have an active OnStar subscription.

GM recently updated their RemoteLink services and is giving free remote-start service to all 2014 model owners with vehicles that have remote-start capability. Even if the car owners do not have an OnStar subscription, they will have the ability to lock and unlock, as well as start their vehicles from their smartphones.

Since its launch in 2010, the RemoteLink service been widely valued by customers. Currently, there are over 320,000 active users of RemoteLink and over 6 million OnStar subscribers.  A recent poll of GM vehicle owners has shown that 72% of RemoteLink users are inclined to buy another GM vehicle because of the service.

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