by Scott Meltzer

Location-Targeted Mobile Ads

The future of advertising has arrived!  Businesses are always looking the best way to make sure their advertisements are seen by the most likely of customers. We are now at that threshold. With mobile App marketing, advertisers are now able to place their ad in front of a local customer.


There are several different types of mobile location data. GPS level data is very accurate and provides a latitude/longitude location within thirty feet. The network can share data derived from cell tower triangulation which is also quite accurate. There is also user-supplied location data that is provided when a user inputs his location in a form. IP location data can resolve to a local Wi-Fi network (like an airport or coffee shop), most of which are well indexed to location. But an IP lookup can also lead to a carrier IP address and carrier IPs vary widely in accuracy. Many carrier IP locations are accurate to the zip level, but many resolve to backhaul provider addresses.
With a better understanding of the different methods of deriving location marketers can make the most efficient use of capital and apply GPS location to mobile advertising.

Using this new method of location targeted advertising automotive dealerships can place advertisements in the hands of customers close to their dealership and drive showroom traffic.

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