by Scott Meltzer

iOS 7: New Features and Design

On June 10th at the WWDC Apple unveiled an array of new products and services, the most prominently featured of which was the new mobile operating system iOS 7. Featuring a departure from the look and feel of previous iOS versions, 7 offers apple mobile device users a redesigned interface that modernizes the gray based menus of iOS past featuring light colors and thin-line design which hints of the ground-breaking design of the iMac g3 which was the first true example of high design for technology. Beyond the overall design iOS 7 introduces new functionality that will certainly be implemented into external applications.

iOS 7 Home screen

The AirDrop feature


which has been available on apple desktop and laptop devices since 2008 is now being brought to the mobile environment. This feature will allow all AirDrop enabled devices to share files without the use of email or text.  This functionality will now be available anywhere the share option is currently available.

iOS 7 AirDrop

The Control Center, new to iOS 7, will mirror the movement of the notification center and can be accessed by dragging from the bottom of the screen towards the top of the screen. The Control Center will allow you to quickly access the most frequently changed settings on iOS devices such as Wifi, Bluetooth, and Brightness as well as the ability to pause and forward your music and change the volume settings.

iOS 7 Control Center

With Multi-Tasking users will be able to switch between applications with just a swipe. This will allow for quicker navigation between your most used applications.

iOS 7 Multi-Tasking

Siri now has the ability to search twitter and Bing right in the native application without launching safari.

iOS 7 Siri


iOS 7 promises to advance the design and functionality of mobile Apple products and the formal launch in the fall is sure to bring innovation to the application world that will greatly improve user experience.

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