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Porsche Develops Interactive Mobile App to Promote New Cayman

Porsche "Code of the Curve" App

Porsche “Code of the Curve” App

Porsche is launching a new interactive mobile app, “Code of the Curve,” to create awareness for the new Cayman vehicle.  The app invites potential buyers to “test drive” the Cayman by completing various driving courses during which they will face realistic obstacles and challenges that they have the potential to face while on the road. This app will allow the affluent users to showcase their driving skills. Porsche hopes to promote camaraderie amongst the drivers by allowing them to compete against one another and share their scores on the interactive scoreboard.

In addition to challenging the drivers, the app also aims to educate the potential buyers on safe driving.  Before completing each course, the app prepares the driver for the challenges that they may face in the obstacle through an instructional video. As the users go through each challenge, various driving tips will pop up in each corner to inform them on how to safely navigate through each obstacle.

Mobile apps can be beneficial for auto dealers and manufacturers in a variety of ways. As seen in Porsche’s “Code of the Curve,” apps can be developed for entertainment and education purposes, but apps can also be used to help dealers to stay connected with their customers.  Mobile apps are a great way to build customer retention and loyalty. For more information on mobile apps and the Cars2Go mobile suite, visit Advanced Mobile.

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