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Understanding Geo-targeting Technologies

The holy grail of advertising is being able to reach consumers with the right message at the right time.  Mobile technology combined with creative advertising can deliver the holy grail of advertising—courtesy of the consumer’s pocket.

While geo-targeting across other advertising channels such as TV, print or online may be nothing new, geo-targeting on mobile goes one step further by enabling advertisers to target consumers on the move, via nomadic devices, based on their proximity to a specified area (geo-fence) and then serving the ad at the exact moment that the consumer enters the circumscribed area.


Data Driven Ad Targeting


Big data has been driving Dealerships to increase the proportion of their marketing budget to digital Advertising. In 2012 Automotive internet advertising increased 26 percent to $4.39 billion according to a report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This year industry spending on online advertising is expected to exceed $5.01 billion.  These statistics alone do not (more…)

Location-Targeted Mobile Ads

The future of advertising has arrived!  Businesses are always looking the best way to make sure their advertisements are seen by the most likely of customers. We are now at that threshold. With mobile App marketing, advertisers are now able to place their ad in front of a local customer.


There are several different types of mobile location data. GPS level data is very accurate and provides a latitude/longitude location within thirty feet. The network can share data derived from cell tower triangulation which is also quite accurate. There is also user-supplied location (more…)

Mobile lead Generation Grows as Conversions Pass 25 Percent

Having a mobile presence in the automotive industry is important, with mobile advertising conversion rates averaging 25 percent in certain cases you cannot afford to miss out on mobile.    “Smartphone consumers also have a greater sense of urgency from their searches. Google has recently presented research that most conversions happen within an hour.”


Using mobile search data ads can be targeted based on search and browser history to directly compete with other business. Dodge is using this technology to present ads to customers to who have viewed competitor’s sites.  Potential customers (more…)

Chevy Targets Young, Hip Consumers with Mobile Campaign

In 2012, Chevy launched a guerilla marketing campaign for the Sonic brand to reach a young, hip audience. The campaign was centered on a mural of the Sonic vehicle created by street artist, Jeff Soto, in Oakland, California.

Partnered with ad network Jumptap, Chevy extended the campaign into mobile and created mobile banner ads, a rich media mobile site and a mobile video for the Sonic. The campaign began with a banner ad and when clicked on, the users were directed to a rich media mobile site. On the site, the users could scroll through (more…)