by Scott Meltzer

iOS 7: New Features and Design

On June 10th at the WWDC Apple unveiled an array of new products and services, the most prominently featured of which was the new mobile operating system iOS 7. Featuring a departure from the look and feel of previous iOS versions, 7 offers apple mobile device users a redesigned interface that modernizes the gray based menus of iOS past featuring light colors and thin-line design which hints of the ground-breaking design of the iMac g3 which was the first true example of high design for technology. Beyond the overall design iOS 7 introduces new functionality that will certainly be implemented into external applications.

iOS 7 Home screen

The AirDrop feature

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by Caitlyn F

Porsche Develops Interactive Mobile App to Promote New Cayman

Porsche "Code of the Curve" App

Porsche “Code of the Curve” App

Porsche is launching a new interactive mobile app, “Code of the Curve,” to create awareness for the new Cayman vehicle.  The app invites potential buyers to “test drive” the Cayman by completing various driving courses during which they will face Read the rest of this entry »

by Bret Dunlap

Understanding Geo-targeting Technologies

The holy grail of advertising is being able to reach consumers with the right message at the right time.  Mobile technology combined with creative advertising can deliver the holy grail of advertising—courtesy of the consumer’s pocket.

While geo-targeting across other advertising channels such as TV, print or online may be nothing new, geo-targeting on mobile goes one step further by enabling advertisers to target consumers on the move, via nomadic devices, based on their proximity to a specified area (geo-fence) and then serving the ad at the exact moment that the consumer enters the circumscribed area.

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by Caitlyn F

GM Provides Free Remote Services via RemoteLink Mobile App

In 2010, General Motors launched the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app, a service that allows car owners to connect with and control their vehicles from the convenience of a smartphone. Through the application, car owners can monitor fuel and oil levels, check tire pressure, and activate remote vehicle features. In order to launch this app, GM vehicle owners were required to have an active OnStar subscription. Read the rest of this entry »

by Scott Meltzer

Targeted Mobile Ads


Automotive dealers all over the country are starting to adopt mobile as a part of their advertising plan. When considering entering the mobile space it is important to consider that a mobile campaign should not be an extension of an existing digital presence but should be something new that is specifically tailored for a mobile audience. If we look at Dodges use of a mobile platform we can see that a specifically design mobile advertising campaign can have a huge effect on sales at a local level. Using in-App advertisements targeted at specific areas and demographics Advanced Mobile can place banner ads in front of desired customers.

by Caitlyn F

Mercedes Develops QR Codes to Aid in Accident Rescue

Starting in September, Mercedes will be placing high-tech QR codes in all of their vehicles to help aid paramedics and firefighters in rescuing accident victims from their vehicles. Many auto-makers supply their vehicles with a car rescue sheet that includes printed instructions on how to best pry the car apart and to rescue any trapped passengers. Most car owners do not carry these hard-copy instructions in their cars, and even if the sheet is stored in the vehicle, it is often difficult for the rescue workers to locate among all the damage. Mercedes hopes that this QR code will eliminate any delay in the accident rescue process. Read the rest of this entry »

by Caitlyn F

Toyota Uses QR Codes and Mobile App in Road Safety Campaign

In Peru, Toyota launched a massive road safety campaign that focuses primarily on mobile marketing. The campaign uses QR codes and an augmented reality mobile app to help drivers become aware of the dangers that are posed by using a smartphone while driving.

The first aspect of the campaign includes print advertisements. The print ads consist of images of obstacles in the middle of a road with a QR code placed in the middle of the obstacle. After the consumers scan the QR code, they download the augmented reality app.After downloading the “QR Road App,” the mobile users Read the rest of this entry »

by Scott Meltzer

Data Driven Ad Targeting


Big data has been driving Dealerships to increase the proportion of their marketing budget to digital Advertising. In 2012 Automotive internet advertising increased 26 percent to $4.39 billion according to a report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This year industry spending on online advertising is expected to exceed $5.01 billion.  These statistics alone do not Read the rest of this entry »