We are proud to announce that Advanced Mobile has been acquired by Autobytel, Inc. We will continue to be leaders in providing mobile solutions to automotive retailers. Our goal of helping clients sell more cars is completely aligned with Autobytel's, and we look forward to continuing to help our customers realize the full benefits of mobile technology.

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Custom Mobile Application Development

As a software developer Advanced Mobile has been highly engaged over the past three years in the mobile application business and is proud of a customer list that boasts national and global organizations across a wide range of industries. We are custom mobile software developers who offer a comprehensive approach and series of services to assist our customers with every aspect related to the mobilization of their enterprise.

We normally operate with a multiple year business partnership to service and make improvements to these arrangements and software. We are proud of a customer list which includes national and international enterprises over a cross section of verticals: communications, pharmaceutical, retail, publishing technical, consumer finance, media, and national sport governing bodies.

What sets us apart from most mobile application developers is our extensive server capability and data consumption expertise. This allows us to rapidly build complex mobile software and overall solutions for a wide range of customers and applications. We typically consume multiple data feed inputs on our app server platform. These feeds are often manipulated on the app servers, persisted in our databases, and delivered efficiently to the mobile devices running our software.

We began the company with 20 man-years of development invested in our application server technology. The resulting platform today is extensible, highly-efficient, easy to maintain, and remarkably stable. In addition to the direct support of the mobile devices, we often include a Content Management System (“CMS”) for our customers to manage their data and control data elements that are sent to the devices. This CMS is implemented as a browser-based console that we provide with further customization for our customers.

Advanced Mobile’s approach in working with our customers allows them to completely outsource the mobilization of their enterprise. To be more specific; we bring to each engagement all related tasks within the mobile solution development: ideation and business model consulting, specification creation, project plan scheduling, asset design creation, programming, QA, submission for all platform, monitoring and metric delivery and continuous updates regarding industry and related competition best practices. We bring a shared partnership with our customers and their end clients to develop and deliver the best mobile solutions possible. We listen acutely to each customer, learn about their vertical to understand what is important and then execute on these key business drivers within the required timeframe and budget.